Corporate BoardLink, founded in 2003, is a management consulting firm with the primary purpose of helping to prepare, promote and develop others so they have the tools and access to reach the next level in their careers. We believe in a stakeholder centric model that acknowledges and supports the interdependency of individuals, executive teams, companies, suppliers/vendors, associations, member organizations, Trustees and shareholders.

We help you address the unique and critical issues facing you and your company regardless of business and ownership models, your personal career life cycle or your company’s position in its life cycle.

Our holistic approach includes: 

1.  Working collaboratively with our client companies to define, enhance, develop and execute on the definition, development or enhancement of their Board of Directors or Advisory Boards.

2. Helping companies define and create an environment that better supports their executives and directors evolving developmental needs.

3. Creating programming and initiatives that build a board savvy executive, officer or member base.

4.  Aiding company executives and individuals during a time of personal transition or retirement.

5.  Providing one on one consulting to executives aiming for the next level in their careers.

Corporate BoardLink’s core competencies and services include:

  • Succession Planning for Closely Held and Family Companies

  • Transition Planning including the Emotional Aspects of Transition

  • Executive and Leadership Board Readiness

  • One on One Skill Based Impact Assessments

  • Board Readiness Programming and Events

  • Facilitation, Collaboration and Communication Techniques   

  • Advisory Board and Board of Director Development

  • Board Candidate Recommendations and Vetting

  • Personal Board Service Campaign and Road Map Development

Deb Nelms, Corporate BoardLink founder, “We work collaboratively with you to help harmonize, consolidate and organize your objectives, priorities and people in order to create the most effective and efficient executive teams, strategic frameworks and board structure to support your business growth."


Each of these services incorporates a series of interrelated tools and dynamic frameworks customized to meet your needs. To learn more or to schedule a preliminary no cost consultation contact:

We believe that inclusion and diversity of gender, race, age, culture, thought, experience and orientation are key differentiators that build stronger organizations and companies, and we are committed to supporting this approach in our work.