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Most individuals and organizations spend much of their time thinking about what they are most familiar with: their own business sector, their current competitors, the customers they know or their organization as it currently exists. They think from the inside-out.

In today’s, global-turbo-charged world, organizations which stay ahead of the curve need to think from the outside-in. Their executives need to step outside their comfort zones and gain multiple perspectives and they need help to accomplish this. For this reason, companies in a wide variety of industries are adding outside Directors to their Board or are creating Advisory Boards which can offer the critical outside-in knowledge, bringing a range of experiences and insights not available internally.

Corporate BoardLink offers an essential link to answering the question of how your company can continue to innovate and create exciting new ideas, products or services in a constantly changing world. Our processes and board expertise aid privately or closely held, family owned and entrepreneurial businesses which are considering or preparing for the addition of outside Directors or Advisory Board members. Working in collaboration with multiple levels of leadership and shareholders, we identify the unique and critical issues facing companies of all sizes and ownership models. We offer solutions that prepare you for the transition and shared visioning which are vital to cultivating a board that results in your business growth.

Specific Offerings:

  • First Board: Framework to Selection

  • Family Advisory Board and Board of Director Creation

  • Board Candidate Recommendations and Vetting

  • Board Book Development

  • Onboarding Tools and Process

  • Board Meeting Facilitation

  • Board Readiness Evaluations and Periodic Board Assessments

  • Director Peer Evaluations and Gap Analysis

  • Post-Leadership Transition Planning

  • Generational Succession Facilitation

  • Succession and Transition Planning

  • Family to Professional Management Team Transitions 

  • Interim COO and CFO Leadership

  • Executive and Management Team Evaluations

  • Executive and Board Director Position Definition 


Learn what Paula Marshall, Chair and CEO of Bama Companies has to say about Corporate BoardLinks Business and Board of Director Advisory Services.


“I highly recommend Corporate BoardLink for their personal service, expertise and the ability to quickly assess and understand the client’s needs.”  

Karen Maier
Board Director, Frisch’s Restaurants


“When working with Deb you are tapping into a very high skill level with a depth of experience hard to find. After you work with her you want to keep her a part of your 'go to' resources.”

Tom Schooley
President, TMS Associates, Inc.