Increasing Value to Members, their Trustees and Sponsor

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Corporate BoardLink provides new ideas, feedback and fresh perspective on strategic direction that translates to sustainable and differentiating programs, services and growth opportunities for Association and Membership Organizations. By offering a full portfolio of delivery options that include: webcasts, workshops, progressive programming initiatives and strategic media, training and event solutions, we expand your reach while creating high impact experiences.

We help identify and shape benefit-driven products and services for members.  For your Trustees, we assess community vision, motivation and demand. And as important, we identify metrics that are unique to sponsors.

We emphasize services aimed at Executive Development and Board Director Diversity: gender, race, age, culture, thought, experience and orientation. We design high impact member and sponsor based programs that prepare and promote those interested in a seat at the governance table. With a core commitment to balanced boards producing better business results we partner with internal leadership to integrate, customize and sustain member, Trustee and sponsor initiatives. 

Specific Offerings:

  • Full Suite of Member Based Board Readiness Initiatives from Assessment to Programming

  • Executive Development Programs

  • Accreditation Programs

  • Member Coaching Services

  • Workshops, Webinars and Webcasts

  • Vision Based Fund Raising and Campaign Design

  • Sponsor Based Underwriting Programs  

  • Sponsorship and Affinity Programs

  • Alliance Program Development

  • Event Ideation, Communications and Creative Development


Wendy Beecham, Managing Director,  Executive Education-UC Davis Graduate School of Management. Formerly CEO-Watermark and The Watermark Institute