Finding Clarity in Your Purpose

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We all have limitations when it comes to evaluating our expertise, our enterprise level impact and the unique skills, qualities and characteristics that make up our organizational and personal reputation. So often you’ve been the "go to" person to launch others in their career, but who is your advisor? The person who can offer access and answers or provide you with a clear and actionable roadmap?

If you aspire to the next level in your career, want to attain a seat at the governance table, prepare for retirement while staying active in business or want to transition out of your current executive role we can help.

Corporate BoardLink’s coaches demystify the process of getting to the next level. Our proprietary evaluation tools and framework identify key differentiators, enterprise level impact and sphere of influence. We also work with you to determine core de-railers, how they manifest and provide outside perspective on change. Our services provide the tools and solutions that get you on the radar screen of decision makers.

Specific Offerings:

  • Executive Assessments

  • Board Readiness and Qualification Assessments

  • Impact Analysis

  • Executive and Board Readiness Coaching

  • De-railer Identification and Coaching

  • Transition Coaching

  • Bio Development

  • Executive and Board Campaign Action Planning

  • Next Level Networking

  • Role Playing and Interview Coaching

  • Media Production