Delivering Multi-Platform, High Impact Experiences

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Corporate BoardLink leverages a multi-faceted communication delivery system to provide our clients with the greatest value, impact and audience reach. By integrating vision, collaboration and technical expertise we offer unique solutions that streamline resources, control costs and produce consistent, high quality results that bring your message to life.

Specific Offerings:

  • Face to Face Event Design and Production

  • Virtual and Hybrid Meetings

  • Webcasts

  • Video Training Development

  • Event Design and Production

  • Media Production

  • Intranet and Internet Messaging and Delivery

  • Mobile Phone Applications

  • Satellite and Fiber Delivery

In keeping with our standard of high quality, high value, unique solutions, Corporate BoardLink has chosen Resolution Digital Studios™ as its media, training and event solutions partner.

Resolution is a world-class, award winning, fully equipped, 32,000 sq. ft.  facility, located in Chicago, IL. They offer full creative design through execution and combine the best and latest technology with versatile shooting and event spaces. Their innovative teams of experts are adept at collaboration and have a track record of creating high impact experiences.

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