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“I was preparing for my transition from active CEO to Chair and needed to develop transition plans for me personally and for my company. I was acquainted with Deb from her executive and board program consulting work at the Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF) and asked her to evaluate my leadership team, making recommendations on strengths and gaps so I could form a going-forward strategy and to create a board of advisors. These advisors would aid me in my new role as Chair, provide outside perspective, and support our recently promoted President. Deb was also able to offer insights on trends, make new introductions, and help us with longer-term strategic planning.

She defined the board of advisors charter, strategy, timelines, and onboarding process and executed on it. Deb kept us on track, delivered through many of our internal distractions and saved us months in startup time.

Because of her deep resources and search experience we also retained Deb to recruit our board of advisors, and the results and rewards have been greater than expected.

Regardless of where you are in your process, Deb provides the clarity and adaptability to work through challenging personalities and situations. She knows how to deliver hard information with grace and did an awesome job setting up our framework, as well as recruiting, vetting, assembling, and ultimately onboarding our advisors. I highly recommend Deb and her team and will work with her on future projects.”

Corporate BoardLink - Client Testimonials - Paula Marshal

Paula Marshal

Chair and CEO
Bama Companies, Inc.

“Deb helped create a business plan for a new suite of offerings to help empower women leaders to seek board seats versus waiting for the phone to ring. Because of her extensive knowledge in this area, she was able to provide a competitive assessment and created a series of services that were differentiated in the marketplace.

Her insight and extensive knowledge and experience likely saved us more than 6 months in getting the program up and running. I find Deb to be professional, an excellent communicator, very organized, and someone who delivers on her commitments. She’s a real gem to work with and we did great work together. Working with Deb exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend her to other individuals or organizations wanting to learn more about seeking public or private board seats.”

Corporate BoardLink - Client Testimonials - Wendy Beechem

Wendy Beecham

Associate Client Partner
Korn Ferry

“When we began to entertain the idea of forming a board, Deb was there for me—reviewing the need, developing the charter, writing the position descriptions and vetting the candidates. Utilizing her connections and her expertise in the business world, we built a strong, relevant, and inspiring team of advisors who guide KNOCK’s important initiatives both today and in the future.”

Corporate Board Link - Testimonials - Lili Hall

Lili Hall

Founder, CEO & President
KNOCK, inc.

“After fifteen years as a senior executive, I chose to pursue a board role where I could contribute to company growth from a different perspective. While my skills and operational qualifications were top-notch, I needed coaching and support to re-position that experience to best meet the requirements of board service. Deb helped me achieve this and much more. With Deb’s expert guidance, I developed a winning board profile, established a compelling value proposition for my unique expertise, and effectively navigated a complex and lengthy search process. In less than 6 months, I was appointed to my first outside director position. Deb provided so much value during every step of the process, giving me the confidence, expert intel, and coaching and mentoring that powered my success.”

Corporate Board Link - Testimonials - Mariann McDonagh

Mariann McDonagh

Chief Marketing Officer
erwin, inc

In the year leading up to my retirement, I was invited to participate in the inaugural Deloitte Board Coaching Program, created for retiring Deloitte Partners by Deb Nelms, Founder and CEO of Corporate BoardLink. This program is designed to assist retiring partners to prepare for board service and develop effective board campaigns.

Throughout the program, real-time coaching was provided for plan refinement, goal setting, and accountability.

I was fortunate to have Deb as my coach/consultant through the process.  Deb was highly engaged in this role and provided valuable and supportive guidance. She was very effective in challenging my paradigm and thinking and I quickly learned how much I had underestimated the board campaign and interview process. Through Deb’s coaching and guidance, I was able to successfully launch my board campaign immediately upon my retirement and was fully prepared with a plan, networking strategies, board profile, and interview preparation strategies.

Within 6 months of my retirement I accepted invitations to join two separate corporate boards and I continue to have interest expressed in my availability to serve on other boards. I would highly recommend Deb for anyone who is seeking board opportunities for her coaching and guidance throughout the process.”

Corporate Board Link - Testimonials - Larry Bird

Larry Bird

Retired Partner Deloitte Consulting
Public Company Independent Board Director

“Deb was an incredible partner in helping me develop guiding principles for our board. She provided critical and timely feedback early on and helped facilitate meetings to establish a purposeful path. I’m honored to have walked alongside her, demonstrating her strategic insight in moving our agency forward.”

Corporate Board Link - Testimonials - Todd Paulson

Todd Paulson

Chief Creative Officer & Partner
KNOCK, inc.

“Deb has elevated our family council on every level. In the past year, Deb has taken us through a strategic planning process and guided us through executing it. She has helped us professionalize presentations and interactions with our family business’s executive team, management, and board of advisors. This allows our council’s message to be clear, on-point, and calibrated throughout the organization so that every team member at the company can see and understand our family council’s primary purpose and value. She is gifted at skillfully mediating intense emotional conversations while staying close to our council’s mission and strategic goals. Additionally, she worked with us to create the inaugural and subsequent annual Family Assembly meeting. 

To help us achieve our goals this year, Deb expertly guided, encouraged, and provided accountability for us to become increasingly open about our approach to financial decision making, individually and collectively. As a result, she has been instrumental in our council becoming increasingly transparent with each other in a way that is strengthening our commitment to each other and unity as a council.”

Corporate Board Link - Testimonials - Cristi Drake

Cristi Drake

Family Council President
The Bama Companies