Executive Second Act Consulting

A Glide Path with Clarity and Fulfillment

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Many executives – by choice or by change – are exiting enterprise roles earlier than ever. These same executives may want to keep working and contributing, but find they need support in seeking alternative professional opportunities. Our newest offering, the Executive Second Act, is a collaborative process that provides a pathway to meaningful work prior to full retirement, which draws on the strengths and unique capabilities that mid- and late-career executives bring to the table.

With a focus on senior executives, we offer a “glide path” to pre-retirement with custom coaching to support any stage of the transition. Our approach balances personal and philanthropic interests with meaningful professional endeavors. Target coaching provides a pursuit framework to interim C-Suite roles and board service as well as academic, governmental, or entrepreneurial opportunities.

Corporate Board-Link - Our Services - Executive Second Act Consulting

Specific Offerings:

  • Aspiration and Glide Path Assessment
  • Executive and Board Readiness Coaching and Customized Program Design
  • Transition Coaching
  • Resume, Biography, and Elevator Pitch Development
  • Next Phase Brand Development
  • Value Proposition and Interview Coaching
  • Career and Board Campaign Action Planning
  • Networking Strategies and Sphere of Influence Identification
  • Personal, Philanthropic, and Professional Pursuit Coaching